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Baton Rouge is one of the best places in Louisiana, and it is home to LSU, but it also has notable museums and outdoor attractions for those who love it. Baton Rouge may not be the place the average tourist should visit, or even the most popular tourist destination in Louisiana. But it should definitely be there; it is a beautiful city with a lively culture, a rich history, good food and a great atmosphere.

If you're looking for some fun in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, visiting the Capitol Park Museum is definitely one of the best artistic activities you can do here. Spending an entire afternoon here, immersing yourself in the various galleries and theatres, is very easy and definitely fun, as well as a great day trip.

First, start your first day in Baton Rouge at the Capitol Park Museum, where you can visit some of Louisiana State's most interesting art galleries and theaters.

Another interesting part of the plaza is the levee stage, which uses the levee area as a backdrop and represents one of those romantic activities in Baton Rouge. If you are looking for something off the beaten track, you can do some of these unusual things with your friend InBATON ROUGE can help you get started. We have listed some attractions in and around Baton Baton Rouge that you should visit with others. Before you visit any of them, read our guide to the most interesting things to do for couples in Louisiana State and some other places in Louisiana State for more information.

First of all, the Red Stock Farmers "Market, named after the city, is open on Fridays at 7 a.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m.

If you're strolling downtown Baton Rouge on your first Sunday off, check out the Red Stock Farmers' Market on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue. Many visitors to the area enjoy the State Capitol, but the neighborhood is home to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and other attractions for all ages and abilities. This includes a wide range of food and drinks, as well as a number of art galleries and restaurants.

On your first free Sunday, you can continue the artful things you did in Baton Rouge with a visit to the Art Museum of Louisiana at the Louisiana State Capitol.

Listen to the sultry sounds of blues and jazz and hear the sounds of southwest Louisiana through an interactive music exhibition. If you're looking for the best things to do at night in Baton Rouge, there are plenty of great restaurants, bars and drinking halls to choose from. Then it's the best thing you can do as a couple in BATON ROUGE to see what the market has to offer!

If you're moving to Baton Rouge or have young children, the creators of Baton Baton Rouge know they'll love Baton the Rouge Zoo. Located in the heart of the city-state, just blocks from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, it houses over 1,800 animals from around the world. Downtown BATON ROUGE is the largest zoo in Louisiana and the second largest in North America.

Conveniently located in South Baton Rouge, it consists of a 103-acre recreational swamp with more than 1,000 bird species, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds of prey and reptiles.

If you are traveling somewhere east of Louisiana, you will come to Baton Rouge on I-12, which will take you north of Lake Pontchartrain and bypass New Orleans. It runs between Baton Baton Rouge and Lafayette and offers truly spectacular views of the highway. Enjoy a ride down the mighty Mississippi River while listening to jazz music and gazing at the New Orleans skyline. We love this ship because it is on the Mississippi in Baton River and you can go in and see it.

So this one is a bit seasonal, but if you're planning to visit Baton Rouge for Mardi Gras, you should visit it first. If you have the opportunity to visit the hotel when it happens, we would also recommend it for the great food and entertainment.

A good way to start your time in Baton Rouge would be to head to the old Louisiana State Capitol. The new tower of the State Capitol, built in 1929-32, was the first home of the Louisiana State Legislature.

The house of Magnolia Mound Plantation dates back to the late 18th century and has since been extended and expanded. When you visit the plantation, head to Louisiana when you are in Baton Rouge and see the old plantation house and the new house on the other side of the Mississippi.

The Old State Capitol is Louisiana's number one tourist attraction and is located in the heart of Baton Rouge on a steep slope overlooking the Mississippi River. Once you orient yourself to the system The BATON ROUGE from the top of the Capitol s time to come to this place to learn more about Louisiana's history, its people and its history as the home of Louis Huey Pritzker.

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