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This spring, the Baton Rouge City Council of Culture is hosting its annual "Baton Rouge Summer Festival," a celebration of the city's art and culture. Compiled from information provided by the Municipal Cultural Office, including a list of events, a map of berry picking locations and information on the festival's events.

This unique festival brings together professional hang gliders from around the country who meet to perform with exotic kites and dance a "kite ballet" in the sky above West Baton Rouge. Every year on the last Saturday in April, this one-day festival bursts at the seams. Dragons of all shapes and sizes fill the sky, and the air is filled with the sounds of music, dance, music and music of local bands and musicians.

When you visit Baton Rouge Zoo, you can enjoy a special exhibit at the Louisiana Museum of Natural History and Science. The museum allows you to see a variety of animals from the zoo collection, such as lions, tigers, elephants and rhinos, and also tells you the history of the zoo and its history and its current state.

If you're visiting on a clear day, make sure you go to the top of the Capitol Tower and see how much of Louisiana you can see. Take the elevator and watch from the 27th floor, where you can see the city and the observation deck from a high viewpoint.

When your feet get tired or your stomach starts to rumble, do not forget to stop while you are about to do so. Depending on the time of day and the mood, guests can take advantage of one of the many free parking spaces in downtown Baton Rouge. If you get tired of all the excitement and your foot gets tired, you can also duck into the parking lot for a quick snack or a drink.

Our guides will immerse you in the culture of Southern Louisiana and show you what authentic Cajun cuisine looks like. Our guide will show you the history of the region, as well as What it's like to be authentic for Caja.

Visit the LSU Rural Life Museum, where vivid history demonstrations showcase activities from the early days of rural Louisiana in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Browse the many different buildings on the plantation and set out to learn what life was like for many people in 19th century Louisiana. This free workshop series provides a hands-on look at the history and culture of rural Louisiana and Louisiana State University. Learn about the early life in Louisiana, life as it was for some people in the 19th century, and their experiences in their own time.

The arboretum on the hill where, especially in spring, you can admire 14 hectares of trees, shrubs and flowers. Led by members of the Baton Rouge Audubon Society, visitors can take a morning hike through woods and swamps to identify different bird species.

Produced by the Baton Rouge Blues Foundation, the festival honors local blues artists such as Schoolboy Jacks, John Chewins, Billie Jean King and many others. With a remarkable 40-year history, it has earned a reputation as one of the country's most prestigious blues festivals.

The annual Camellia Sale is the winner of the prize - the camellias are bred by the East Baton Rouge Master Gardeners of the Louisiana State University Garden Club. Buy the 5,000 annual perennials and annuals specially selected for their garden success, or browse and plan a visit to Baton Rogue today.

Start your tailgating experience early and enjoy a day of fun and excitement where you can experience several parades, festivals and food. If you are attending this celebration, you will not be wrong, because you will witness an imaginative ball and costumes that everyone will love. See where - in - LSU is, and see the latest news, photos, videos, events, and more from across Baton Rouge.

Experience the Downtown Christmas Parade, where over 80 different entries with brass bands, star singers and more march past. Thousands of people attend this annual Christmas party in Baton Rouge, the city's largest and most popular parade.

The LSU Museum of Rural Life is outdoors, so you want to join forces, but the attraction is worth it. Every day in Baton Rouge is a day to wear out while having fun, and everything is outside.

Even if winter in the city of Baton Rouge doesn't look quite like the way you'd expect it to from further north, that doesn't mean there's no reason to experience it anymore. So if you're planning more than a short walk through the park or want to spend more than an hour or two in the museum, check out these great Baton the Rouge events.

Bring the whole family to BREC's Zachary Community Park and join us for a special pumpkin carving and painting! If you have a great family-friendly event to add to your Red Stick Mom calendar, you can do so here at the Baton Rouge Museum of Natural History. A variety of food and drinks from local restaurants and bars are available for purchase.

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