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Baton Rouge is well-versed, but one of its most notable features is its lively food scene, with a diverse range of restaurants and bars. The Baton Rouge food scene, often overshadowed by the culinary mecca of New Orleans, has quickly established itself as a hotspot for new chefs and creative kitchens. Capital City Grill remains an important lunch stop for business and leisure travelers as the Downtown BATON ROUGE continues to grow.

The restaurant serves a wide selection of fried fish dishes, such as fried shrimp and crayfish sandwich, but there is more on the menu than cakes. If you don't fancy seafood, Louisiana Lagniappe also serves grilled fish specialties such as lobster shrimp sandwich or crab sandwich. Parrain's is the place to enjoy a hearty lunch or dinner with a great view of downtown Baton Rouge and a good selection of seafood.

If you fancy something that fits your Gumbo, Dempsey's has a wide selection of other Louisiana favorites. If you want to try one of the popular options in Baton Rouge and stick to a proven delivery favorite, this restaurant will spoil you with something delicious. Mike Anderson's also offers traditional chicken-sausage-chewing-gum boos, but you'll need to get the seafood-chewing-gum boos for lunch. You can also try them for dinner with a side of lobster, shrimp or shrimp and grains, and you can even try them as an appetizer or dessert.

If you want a coffee, dessert or hearty meal, order something delicious in Baton Rouge with Uber Eats.

There are about 30 restaurants in Baton Rouge that offer you the opportunity to find out whether you would rather have your order placed than have your order delivered to you. The way to discover the places where you eat is by searching the category Kitchen (for example American cuisine). If you prefer to "collect your orders" rather than have them delivered, collection is also offered. To highlight some of the restaurants popular with Uber Eats users in Baton Rouge, Izzo's illegal burrito is popular with Mexicans, Alba's Greek and Lebanese restaurant ipopular with Greeks and Swagat's Indian cuisine.

You can also visit the fully stocked bar and enjoy some of my favorites, such as the menu at Rice Roux, which is popular with locals and tourists alike for its menu of rice, beans and rice bowls.

If you want to grab a bite of oysters in Baton Rouge, there are plenty of options. While oysters abound in BATON ROUGE, Louisiana, all year round - you may not know that at a certain time of year you have a chance to find some delicious oysters. According to a Baton Rouge and Louisiana tradition, the best months to grab an oyster-based dish are September, October, November and December, which end with the Louisiana Oyster Festival and the New Orleans Seafood Festival.

Cajun and creole are often used as synonyms in Baton Rouge, as well as in other parts of Louisiana. Cajuns - Cajuns-style dishes are usually relatively straightforward when it comes to ingredients and cooking, while Creole dishes are a little more complicated.

Crayfish, crayfish and freshwater lobster are delicacies often added to Cajun and Creole. There are a number of different types of crabs that fall under the umbrella of the "Cajune" and "Creole," which are common in Louisiana and Baton Rouge. Cjun cooks often include crab fish in their dishes, where they usually use only the tail meat.

Meat such as chicken or duck can be processed into a gumbo, as can meatballs and other side dishes. Here in Baton Rouge, you might find gummy bears stuffed with shrimp, crab and oysters. Crab gumbos are best enjoyed in the summer months, while white shrimp gumbos are excellent in any season, but especially in winter.

During the spring months, you can get in on the act to sample some of the best Baton Rouge crabs, such as the Louisiana Crawling Festival and the annual Louisiana Crawling Festival.

The chicken, sausage and gumbo of this restaurant are a must for any crustacean fan in Baton Rouge, and don't miss the crawfish geaux at the annual Louisiana Crawling Festival. Whether you're sitting on the terrace, grabbing food to go, getting food delivered or eating outside - it's delicious no matter where you eat.

Depending on what time of year you are going to be in Baton Rouge, it is wise to choose a variety of Gumbo accordingly. We know that each GumBOO is slightly different depending on whether it is made in Cajun style or Creole style, so choose wisely.

Take a look at the gumbo, duck and sausage gumbo, which are available in small and large quantities. Stick to your favorite meat, including chicken, pork, beef, chicken breast, turkey, lamb and even pork ribs.

In Bienville, you can grit your teeth on fried alligators, fried catfish fingers, cooked shrimp, shrimp and crayfish, and even a variety of other dishes. Keep your eyes open for the more traditional options and choose from a selection of more than 40 reels. Try the alligators, which consist of chicken, pork, beef, chicken breast, turkey, lamb and pork ribs, and chicken and beef ribs. In Baton Rouge, you can also try chicken and sausage gum, duck and sausage goulash, or even pork and chicken sausage with duck sauce.

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