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Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets is one of the most popular locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with its huge selection of sporting goods, restaurants and retail stores. With its extensive selection of clothing, shoes and accessories, it is a place to visit at least once a week to shop and eat a lot. Louisiana Boardwalks Outlet is a one-stop shop for all your purchases, from clothing and footwear to sporting goods and apparel.

Located on the banks of the Red River, Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets offers a wide range of apparel, footwear, accessories, restaurants and retail stores.

Located next to the Louisiana Boardwalk, this modern mid-range hotel overlooks the Red River and is one of the most popular hotels in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 10 km from Shreveport Airport. The courtyard, located in the entertainment district, features an on-site wellness centre, a full-service restaurant, a bar and a hair salon. Located just blocks from a variety of restaurants and shops, Fairfield Inn at the Texas City Convention Center offers a wide selection of food and beverages and features ironing service, a fitness center, a gym, a spa and fitness area.

Downtown Shreveport is a 10-minute drive from the Red River, and the promenade is open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on weekends.

While here, you can stroll through the American Rose Center or visit a nearby casino or visit one of the many casinos in Shreveport, such as Red River Casino, to spend some of your winnings. Lucky players can head to the casino's slot machines, which cost between $1,000 and $2,500 to spend their winnings.

You may want to have your room in the comfort of one of the many hotel rooms at the Fairfield Inn. There are several different types of beds in the hotel, such as a king size bed, a queen size bed or a twin bed.

It is located on the Red River in Bossier City and at the intersection of I-20 and I-49. Located in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, just north of the city limits, it is just blocks from the Louisiana State University and the University of Louisiana Lafayette campuses.

The Mississippi is not the only river that flows through the state, the Red River cuts through Shreveport. Bluebonnet Boulevard, one mile closer to downtown, offers access to the Mississippi River and Louisiana State University and University of Louisiana Lafayette. Interstate 10 runs west to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and east to New Orleans. Bossier City is closely connected to the neighbouring town of Bossiers City, which is located on the western bank of the Red River.

The Shreveport Boardwalk is bordered by the Red River, the Mississippi River and Louisiana State University and University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The hotel restaurant serves Louisiana specialty gumbo and local microbrews, and the outdoor pool is a great place to take a dip. You can grab a bite to eat in the bistro, which serves American cuisine and is open for breakfast and dinner. s free to cook hot breakfast and lunch for guests staying at the Fairfield Inn in Shreveport, Louisiana, from 8 a.m. to noon.

It features a courtyard and outdoor pool and provides access to the Louisiana Boardwalk, which guests can enjoy from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the summer months. It has an indoor / outdoor pool with pool house, whirlpool and sauna, and a fitness center with showers and showers. The Fairfield Inn's on-site restaurant, restaurant and bar in Shreveport, Louisiana offers a wide selection of Louisiana gumbo specialties and local microbrews, and features an outdoor terrace overlooking the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

Radisson Baton Rouge ( has a wide range of restaurants and bars, as well as a fitness centre with showers and showers. It offers an indoor / outdoor pool with pool house, hot tub and sauna, and an outdoor shower with shower and shower.

The Texas Street Bridge is a short walk from the Radisson Baton Rouge ( Smoking is allowed, but smoking is permitted in designated areas. The Louisiana Boardwalk is within walking distance of the Texas Street Bridge, located at the intersection of Louisiana Street, Louisiana Avenue and Louisiana Boulevard, and offers a wide selection of restaurants and bars, as well as air-conditioned rooms and restaurants.

Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets consists of more than 60 retail stores and restaurants located along the scenic waterfront of Bossier City. The Red River is a picturesque area with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and hotels.

The best places to shop in Bossier City are in the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets Store Directory, scroll down for all the shopping information. Learn about the best shopping malls and outlet malls in Shreveport, Louisiana, and visit our list of the best shopping and dining malls in the world. Information for the Casino and Hotel in shreveports, Louisiana is derived from information provided by Casino Hotel of Sh Reveport in Louisiana. Louisiana Boardswalk is located in Bossier Louisiana and offers 56 stores, with more than 60 retail stores and restaurants along the scenic waterfront of Bossiers City.

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